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Lunch at Dr. B's Come join the computer science faculty for lunch at a faculty home.
CS majors stay busy this summer All of our seniors that applied for internships got internships. Many underclassmen have also had great experiences.
5 students win Petticrew Award for 2012-2013 Petticrew Scholarship is awarded to the top computer scientists that promise a year of service in educating Hanover students in computer science.

Computer Science 110:Winter 2012 Fundamentals of Computer Science

An introduction to problem-solving, program design, testing methodology and structure of programming languages. Students will learn to program in a high-level programming language to solve problems from a wide range of computer science topics such as graphics, processing and game creation. This class makes use of laboratory experiences and is suitable for students that have never taken a computer science class as well as students with limited programming experience. Satisfies the Abstraction and Formal Reasoning LADR.